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Emotional Healing Through Nature

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In today's fast paced society, we find ourselves too often tethered to our phones, computers, and social media yet feel disconnected from ourselves and each other.  Stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness can be signs that meaningful connection is missing in our lives. 







The natural world offers support, solace and a sense of belonging.   

As a trained Ecotherapist, former environmental educator and nature lover, I help people expand and deepen their sense of self through engagement in a reciprocal relationship with nature.   


If you are interested in Ecotherapy, nature can be part of your healing process in a variety of ways.  For some, it may consist of meeting in a park for an outdoor session, and for others it could include a guided sensory experience.  Using Ecotherapy assessment tools, together we collaborate on a plan that incorporates nature activities into our session or directly into your life to help you achieve your lifestyle goals and increase your wellbeing. 


Want to find out how ecotherapy can help you?


Schedule a complimentary 15-min consultation here.   

Find your place in the circle of life. 

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Would you like to know more?

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