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I want you to be able to

prioritize your one precious life.




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Individual Therapy for Women

If you have been wondering how you can possibly handle it all,

Feel disconnected from who you once were,

And are just trying to muddle your way through...


I got you! 


I work with women who feel overwhelmed from doing too much. Women who feel like they have lost their sense of meaning and purpose despite the many activities they have taken on.  Women who get lost in caretaking and forget their own needs.  Mothers who deeply love their children but worry about how much they yell.  

I help you to unearth buried shame so you can live a more accepting and true-to-you life.  


I help you navigate your relationships with your children, your partner or spouse, and career. 

Would you like to talk? 

I offer a complimentary 15 min consultation

Contact me here

Embrace your true nature...

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