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About Heather


I am fascinated by the ways in which your wellbeing and the Earth’s resilience are interconnected.  I have woven these interests together in the style of therapy that I offer.  

Starting psychotherapy and sharing your inner world with a stranger can feel scary at first, but with the safety and rapport built within a trusting relationship, it can change your life.  The part of my job that I love is creating that safe and trusting relationship with clients.  Clients say I’m easy to talk to and I am strongly committed to acceptance and inclusion of all people. 

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Questions about the self, identity and one’s place in the world both physically and spiritually are of great interest to me.  I am an explorer at heart, and together we go to places that you may have been avoiding, places you may not want to revisit but which hold your deepest truth. I believe you can do this.  


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